30 episodes of urban drama airdrop, this is the only urban drama that I want to pursue after the rest of my life

What is the current state of the urban idol drama? It’s not about the combination of work and reality, but rather a modern love story that allows viewers to be emotionally connected with sugar-guzzling episodes.

Regrettably, subsequent works in the same genre were almost captivating, with Xiao Zhan’s “Sunshine Accompanying Me” being ruined by the theme of “sibling love”. Don’t you consider watching the drama? It has a certain allure to this play, featuring Yang Zi and portraying both ignorant love on campus and unsettling emotions after childhood.

It’s safe to say that I feel like I’m experiencing an escalating idol drama in this drama. Nevertheless, the audience is eagerly anticipating another work by the same author. “The Farthest Distance” will be presented at the Goose Factory tomorrow night, a stunning display of characters and upcoming domestic drama!

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