Zhang Ziyi took action to defend her ex husband, who did not have 3.5 billion yuan in property, and denied that the reason for the divorce was due to Wang Feng’s gambling

Despite the official divorce taking place only one day, Zhang Ziyi stood up for her ex-husband Wang Feng! She has undoubtedly loved them deeply! – Introduction. Divorce is announced by Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi. Wang Feng and his ex-wife Outsiders’ perspectives suggest that Zhang Ziyi ...
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The five celebrities who should have been “expelled” from the military for their greed and extortion of money to wear kimonos, each losing face

There are many stars in the entertainment industry who were once soldiers but later chose to pursue acting. This dual identity of an actor with a strong sense of duty is often overlooked by his fans, and some actions that reinforce his military image have even called for the removal of their mili...
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