Police investigating another high-profile celebrity for drug allegations

The police have confirmed that they are conducting an internal inquiry into another famous celebrity’s case, in light of drug charges against Lee Sun Gyun.

The revelation that another well-known performer has been accused of drug use is likely to further polarize the entertainment industry.

The Incheon Police Department has been informed by the Gyeonggi News on the 25th that another well-known public figure, possibly excluding Lee Sun Gyun, may have used drugs.

Whether the celebrity involved is an actor, singer, or broadcaster is unknown, however. A police official confirmed that they are investigating another famous person who is under suspicion for drug use, alongside Mr. Lee Sun Gyun.

The presence of another celebrity under investigation indicates that the impact of the drug scandal in the entertainment industry is likely to continue. According to an insider in JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’, there are VIPs who secretly visit entertainment establishments, and other allegations may arise. If the investigation becomes more comprehensive, it cannot be ruled out that other figures in this industry are also involved.

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