First stills released from ‘My Demon’ starring Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung

The premiere of ‘My Demon’, SBS’s upcoming drama, on November 24 was preceded by the release of its first still cuts on October 25 KST.

A fantasy-romantic comedy, ‘My Demon’ is about a contract marriage between Kim Yoo Jung (a member of the evil Sorcerer Group) and Jeong Gu Won (played by Song Kang), which ends with Do Do Hee losing his powers. The plot is brimming with suspense and excitement as it explores the concept of finite happiness stemming from pact with the devil, ultimately leading to eternal damnation.

A glimpse of the intricate relationship between Dohee and Guwon, as well as Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang’s chemistry in the series of still cuts.

‘My Demon’ will be shown on SBS starting November 24 KST, in the meantime.

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