Your first visit to Korea? Here’s a guide on what to eat in a day

If you’re visiting Korea for the first time, be sure to check out some of the best food options on the menu. From cozy cafes serving delicious cakes and desserts to a lively dance troupe featuring raw marinated crab and live octopus, there’s something for everyone.

Can you provide some examples?

After a morning of bunshik, you can choose from various Korean dishes for lunch. “Bibimbap” is incredibly tasty and filled with savory vegetables, beef or chicken, fried egg, and generous amounts of spicy gochujang.

Korea’s vibrant nightlife is complemented by its numerous barbecue spots across the nation, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in immersing themselves in Korean culture. As evening draws near, many restaurants are open and eager to indulge in exquisite BBQ dishes, including “galbi,” which is known for its juicy, marinated ribs that combine sweet and savory flavors. Another popular dish on this menu is “samgyupsal,” another traditional Thai food served with rice or chicken broth.

But the culinary journey doesn’t stop there; soups are a must for any Korean dinner, not only that of the already mentioned Kimchi Jjigae, but Budae Jjagig in Lee’s Ginger Chicken Steak, savory and hearty stew made from ingredients from the traditional Korean cuisine and American army bases, as well as Gomtang, an all-natural and nourishing beef bone soup, all perfectly paired with boiled rice and noodles to make heavenly and balanced dishes.

While enjoying the delectable dishes, you may find yourself yearning for a slice of sweet dessert, and Korea has an abundance of delicious options to choose from. Hotteok, puffed with melted brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, pan-fried in crumbs, is incredibly addictive, while Bbungappang, Seoul’s seasonal version, offers savory treats all season long.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s an abundance of food and cuisine in Korea that one must not miss!

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