Several Hollywood high-income actors are willing to donate huge sums to end the strike

The Hollywood Actors Guild has been reported to have stalled talks with producers and still being on strike. As a result, several high-paying actors have come forward with nifty new proposals that would pay $150 million more in three years for the union by increasing membership fees, improving peer welfare, and encouraging parties with significant demand gaps to reach negotiated deals and end the strike as soon as possible.

Recently, the Actors’ Union and SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP negotiations have reached a standstill. Deadline exclusively reports that frontline actors George Clooney, Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, Taylor Perry, and Scarlett Johnson met with the leaders of the acting profession via video conferencing to discuss how to use video conference technology to address the issue presented by the Guild.

Clooney stated that a significant number of people who make the most efforts to help solve the issue are eager to participate. He proposed lifting the $1 million membership fee cap, which would result in an increase of over $50 million for the union and $150 million in the next three years.

Our proposal involves a bottom-up streaming follow-back structure, where the actor with the highest income will receive the most follow up revenue, rather than first.

The negotiations will persist, but we are collaborating to find solutions to the income gap for actors.

The gap between the actors’ union and the producers’ demands for follow-up revenue from actor streaming was previously reported to be $480 million. The former requested a total of $500 million in the new contract, while the latter only offered $20 million at that time.

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