RIIZE finally receives praise for their updated look after the latest teasers for their first comeback with ‘Talk Sexy’

SM Entertainment’s newest addition to the boy group, RIIZE, has been drawing attention for years. Their music has garnered significant attention and they have consistently been the center of attention on social media.

One common theme that arose in discussions about this boy group is their unusual hairstyles. In the past few months, fans have expressed concerns about the aesthetic direction of the band members’ hairdos, which they believe significantly overshadow the group’s natural beauty.

The latest teasers from RIIZE’s first comeback with ‘Talk Sexy’ have earned them praise.

Netizens gathered in an online community to share praise after the release of the new teaser photos.

“This is amazing,” they said, followed by a more in-depth discussion on the concept, its ability to attract crowds, and its strangeness.

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