Police launch an investigation into a Korean influencer who went around asking men to touch her breasts

A social media influencer named Ah In who wore only a cardboard box on the streets of Hongdae invited men to touch her breasts, and police in Seoul have launched an investigation into her. Mapo Police Station reported that they are investigating Ah I for public indecency, which could lead to one year in jail and hefty fines up to 5 million KRW (3,723 USD).

‘Public Obscenity’ under Article 245 of the Criminal Act is applicable when an indecent act is performed in public, leading to sexual discomfort or shame. Ah In and her friends are also facing similar charges as she appeared on the Apgujeong streets with “Angel Box Girl” written on their cardboard boxes.

Ah In defended her actions, stating that it is strange that women are punished for taking off their clothes in public, while men are held accountable for doing the same.

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