Huang Xiaoming successfully proposed marriage, and the new love of the cult leader is also a beautiful woman. I hope they can have a good relationship for a hundred years

The prelude to a wedding was officially opened on May 27, 2015, at the Qingdao Civil Affairs Bureau. The marriage registration ceremony between the religious leaders Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying announced that the love between these famous couple had entered the palace of marriage. Five months later, they held sweltering ceremonies at Shanghai Exhibition Center, costing 200 million yuan, which is unmatched in China’s celebrity wedding industry.

Many people once imagined that this couple would jointly protect their sacred flame of marriage and walk the long, dark journey of love. Despite being 19 years old, Yang Ying is an unmatched beauty in the film and TV industry who has won numerous admirers with her irresistible charm. The reason why Huang Xiaoming is so fond of her is inevitably due to an unknown story. They met and fell in love; they also had a child, and their happy family seemed perfect.

Unfortunately, they were unable to escape the Seven Year Itch. In January of this year, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying ended their marriage officially. After seven years of marriage, the former leader of the flower heart cult was seemingly consumed with the chaos of Hollywood. For Yang Yilu, it seemed as though she was nothing more than a red leaf among thousands of flowers. However, her beauty gradually lost its brightness over time, making it impossible to distinguish between different leaves.

The phrase “A flower blooms and must be folded” is from an ancient poem where it is emphasized that when the flower is in bloom, it should be picked at right time (not once after being cut off) rather than until the blossom has withered. Ye Ke is currently in her most brilliant state, and it seems that Master Huang’s suggestion of flowers growing and folding is perfectly fitting.

The entertainment industry’s love and hate campaigns are a reflection of the struggles faced by celebrities. The divorce between Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying, as well as his relationship with Ye Ke, highlight the intricate relationships and life decisions made within the celebrity community. I believe that marriage is regressive and requires prompt action to preserve beauty.

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