Episode: The test results of the two have been released, one couple officially announced, and the other went their separate ways

A photography exhibition was organized by Lin Yi in the community as a tribute to his older brother, and many neighbors came to view it.

Lin Yi was assisted by Zhou Xiaofeng and his colleagues from the Heart Center. A patient with an apparent aortic dissection arrived at the chest pain center, but no chief surgeon had time to perform surgery. At that point, Lin Yan returned to serve as the top doctor and underwent surgical procedures.

After seeing Lin Hai’s photos of Epiphyllum at night, Lin Yi recollected that the moment of life was eternity and every person saved by him is a continuation of existence. She eventually walked out of the shadows and returned to work at the hospital.

Despite falling, Lin Yi must still fall on the way to charge and avoid succumbing to him or losing his mind. There are plenty of opportunities to turn back before the last moment.

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