tripleS and the Cosmo App – Revolutionizing the K-pop Fan Experience

The K-Pop girl group tripleS is making a rapid increase in popularity and reaching number one. Their latest sub-unit, EVOLution, has brought the group back to life with their catchy and hyperpop song “Invincible.” This tune generated massive fan interest and attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

By utilizing Cosmo, tripleS is introducing new fan-driven music that allows fans to influence their own choices and preferences. This innovative approach empowers Modhaus’ group, known as “The Idol of All Possibilities,” to create unique and engaging sub-units, title tracks, content themes, and outfit selections.

The group’s motto is “The Idol of All Possibilities,” and it aims to create an environment where fans can have a direct influence on idol careers through the Cosmo app.

The photocard is the most prized possession for K-Pop fans, who actively engage in trade and bargaining for their idol’s photo cards. By collecting digital photos for tripleS through Cosmo, fans can use their vote to determine their career goals.

To get involved in the K-Pop revolution, tripleS is encouraging fans to download Cosmo and participate in a futuristic and interactive experience of writing the group’s history. New members on Cosmo receive free photocards and votes to use in this unique co-creation experience.

Modhaus is the sponsor of this article.

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