Park Han Byul shares the financial struggles she faces while running her own cafe after her husband’s scandal

Park Han Byul, a well-known actress, recently shared an update on her YouTube channel and discussed the challenges she faces while running her own cafe on Jeju Island.

‘Park Han Byul’s One Hundred Questions’ was a video released on October 16, where she provided answers by answering questions about various aspects of her life, such as her tendency to tear herself to the face, hobbies, and more.

She admitted to being unable to calculate and balance finances. Additionally, she mentioned that her cafe business doesn’t generate significant income.

She was asked a question about her spending habits, and she replied that she would use the money for food.

During the same period, Park Han Byul and Yoo In Seok, who were once the CEOs of Yuri Holdings, got married in 2017 and welcomed two children together. However, she stopped working in the entertainment industry in 2019 after her husband was implicated in mediating prostitution and embezzlement during the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal.

At the moment, she is running a café in Jeju and continuing her YouTube journey.

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