Nam Tae Hyun and ‘Heart Signal’ contestant Seo Min Jae admit to drug charges and offer apologies

During the first trial of their case, which involved possession of methamphetamine, Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae from the show ‘Heart Signal’ apologized publicly for their actions.

The prosecution alleges that the celebrities purchased and consumed 0.5 g of methamphetamine in August 2022. They allegedly diluted the drug in alcohol and ingested it at their residence. Nam Tae Hyun also is accused of another charge of consuming 0.2 gram of marijuana, mixed with water, in December 20-22. Although they admitted to both charges in court, Seo Min Jae asked for an investigation before the final verdict was made.

In May, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul refused to issue arrest warrants for the two individuals, leading to the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office indicting Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae without detention. The prosecution highlighted that Nam Hae Young was demure, committed to rehabilitation, and cooperated with the investigation, while also creating a YouTube channel in August.

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