Mukbang Tour: 7 Recommended Restaurants to visit in Korea from Your Favorite Mukbangers

Mukbangers are your go-to places to discover South Korea, and with their passion for food, they’re here to help you find the perfect meal.

Pongja has referred to Tian Jin Yeong Gam as one of the top malatang spots in Singapore, and even more impressive is their fried corn accompaniment.

During his visit to Seocho, Tzuyang was treated to a delicious meal of chewy octopus with gochujang marinade and samgyupsal. The restaurant’s impressive spice selection, which ranges from one to three, makes it ideally suited for those who enjoy spicy flavors.

SangHyuk offers a comprehensive range of Korean cuisine, from ramen to kimbap.

Can you provide some examples?

Despite not being a fan of the mukbanger, Park Myung Soo’s channel has received reviews on food items. Recently, Jisoo from BLACKPINK has been sharing her review of bagels and suggests trying basil cream cheese.

Locals visiting Eunma Shopping Mall are well-served by the local market, not restaurants. Heebab, a food court in the city, offers an array of street foods from hot dogs to chicken tenders and lamb chops.

Having been one of the first to introduce mukbangers in Korea, Banzz is well-known for his fondness for bb.q chicken and its crispy and juicy flavor.

Despite her joyous appearance, Nado’s Myungrang Hotdog is simply delicious. From hotdogs to fried chicken, she makes everything taste great.

What are some of the food suggestions from these mukbangers?

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