Da S admits to being seriously ill and paralyzed, and custody is handed over to Wang Xiaofei. Ju Junye rolls money back to South Korea to remarry

Da S is seriously ill and paralyzed, while Wang Xiaofei has accepted full custody. The Taiwanese entertainment industry has been left in shock by the recent events of Ju Junye returning his property to South Korea for marriage. These incidents caused a lot of attention and heated debate among fans, as well as waves of public opinion.

To begin with, let’s examine the situation of Big S. According to credible sources, iconic actress Da S disclosed recently that she had experienced a decline in her physical health and was even paralyzed for days.

People are filled with sadness and remorse over her health issue, as the news comes as no surprise. Da S has garnered immense admiration and backing from numerous viewers for its stunning looks and exceptional acting abilities.

It’s heartbreaking that her illness has flared up. She triumphantly faced her own difficulties, and this strong-willed and hopeful spirit is something we all aspire to emulate.

Surprisingly, Da S gave custody to his former spouse Wang Xiaofei — the two have been divorced for years — but then Wang simply accepted and took good care of Big S.

Wang Xiaofei’s sense of responsibility and care have inspired people to hold him in high regard, possibly leading to an improvement in their relationship.

Ju Junye’s behavior contrasts with the difficulty that befallen Big S. The latter was revealed to have stolen a significant amount of property and returned to South Korea, while also intending to enter the wedding hall once more.

Despite his frequent appearance on the entertainment page due to marital issues and his relationship with Big S, Ju Junye’s behavior has caused a stir.

Big S was not only in a more difficult situation, but it also caused public opinion to question its motives. This reckless behavior is in stark contrast to the mutual support between Da S and Wang Xiaofei, which prompts people to reflect on moral concepts and feelings of responsibility.

The Taiwan entertainment industry is in disbelief over this series of events, and there is widespread attention and heated discussion. Fans are praying for Big S’s speedy recovery as she prepares to return to the stage.

Gu Junye’s actions were met with strong public criticism and dissatisfaction. His behavior not only caused harm to Big S, but also transgressed the moral principles of society.

Wang Xiaofei’s decision to take custody was met with unanimous approval and admiration, while she was seen as a responsible and caring ex-husband. This also serves as an opportunity for people to appreciate the positive aspects of human nature.

Ju Junye’s actions have prompted extensive discussion and reflection. Individuals began to question his motives and intentions. His theft of assets has caused many to wonder about whether he should be held accountable and subjected to legal consequences.

The entertainment industry in Taiwan has been actively discussing this topic, leading to significant discussions about legal responsibility and moral constraints. This has sparked renewed interest in ways to strengthen legal supervision and personal moral construction to prevent similar events from happening again.

In summary, the events of Da S revealing his serious illness and paralysis, Wang Xiaofei’s release from custody, and Ju Junye’S return to South Korea for an entertainment figure divorce have caused great controversy.

People have been impressed by the courage and resilience of Big S in this series of entertainment character events, as well as Wang Xiaofei’s selflessness and sense of responsibility.

Simultaneously, Gu Junye’s actions prompted reflection on ethical and legal boundaries. I hope this event can inspire all sectors to work together to strengthen the management and oversight of the entertainment industry, and uphold a peaceful atmosphere and orderly system.

Let’s hope that Big S can recuperate quickly, the entertainment industry can reclaim its beauty, and bring more works and thrilling performances to the masses.

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