BTS’ Jimin continues his heartwarming support for students at his alma mater Busan Arts High School with another donation of 30 million KRW (~22,136 USD)

Recent reports indicate that Jimin, a BTS member, frequently extends fondness towards his alma mater juniors.

The Busan Ilbo reported that Jimin made a donation of 30 million KRW (22,136 USD) to Busans Arts High School in August. The scholarship fund is intended to support 28 students who have excelled in various fields such as dance, fine arts, and music or those who are struggling financially. Its primary purpose is to cover expenses like lessons and clothing purchases, among other things, to help the students pursue their goals.

By making this donation, Jimin demonstrates his commitment to ensuring that all students have access to quality education and an environment conducive to their learning. Not only has he provided financial assistance to underprivileged students for their college entrance exam preparations, but besides the fact that talented juniors like himself are often left with little opportunity to perform due to COVID-19, Mr Jimi has also provided scholarships as a way of encouraging them to continue their pursuit of their dreams.

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