Why is NewJeans’ Hanni so popular in Japan?

NewJeans have gained fans from all over the world and are now considered part of the new generation of K-Pop’s 4th generation girl groups, establishing themselves as both talented and visually stunning.

The combination of prodigious talent and striking aesthetics of these girls has won over the hearts of both mainstream audiences and the internet.

K-pop bands, which are typically made up of several members, often have a higher level of popularity than other groups. However, NewJeans stands out as one of the most unique in this regard, with each member earning love and admiration from fans around the world. It is worth noting that Korean netizens have observed that Hanni is regarded as incredibly popular among Japanese fans. The question came up when he asked someone who knew what happened.

Netizens who shared their opinions on the poster’s community post expressed that she possessed all the qualities Japanese people appreciate, including big, round eyes, small face, and puffy cheeks.

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