The regular second episode of Weishen V’s track video will be released at 9:00 pm tonight

Today, WayV (a subsidiary of LABEL V) will launch their custom 2-part video.

The official Weibo Weishen V account will host the public release of track videos on October 19th at 9:00 pm (Beijing time). You can also enjoy the regular 2 included tracks in advance.

A Hip Hop song called I Need Confidence, which is a medium-tempo pop song that sings with sweetness and happiness, belongs to this album. It features Vipshop V’s unwavering determination to overcome any obstacles in life.

The regular 2 episodes depict youth, resulting in the track video portraying the emotions experienced by the young god V through the storyline, and the two songs, which are entirely contrary to the atmosphere, are combined.

The counterclockwise rotating clock video, which was uploaded on the official Weibo account of Weishen V on October 18th, features a timeline of materials including public trailer photos and track videos, as well as MV trailers.

Furthermore, the official broadcast of Weishen V’s “On My Youth” will take place on November 1st at 5pm on major music platforms worldwide, followed by a physical album launch on October 8th.

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