Can you fold multiple times to kill competitors? Find N3 Rampage Rampage Material Configuration Full

With the slogan “The next generation of imaging is also the next era of folding”, OPPO announced the release of its new foldable screen phone, Find N3, at 14:30 on October 19th. This was a topic of interest for many internet users as leaked information about it spread rapidly online.

On October 17th, OPPO posted an article on its official WeChat account stating that the era of dual diamond screens, mobile phone quality reduction, and one fold were no longer applicable. The official preheating poster also displayed “the internal screen is as bright as? Nit” and “it can be folded multiple times”.

The use of diamond screens can result in an increase in pixels within the same area, which is a key advantage for achieving the highest industry-standards in brightness, color performance, and visual angle. Additionally, the OPPO Find N3 has been tested to achieve exceptional display performance from dual diamond displays both inside and outside, preventing users from experiencing sharp visual “cutting sensation” when switching between the inside or outside screens.

It should be noted that the current disclosure information from Digital Big V Digital Chat Station also confirms this point, stating that “the peak brightness of the OPPO Find N3 is set to reach 2800nit, which is said to be the industry’s highest” While another blogger commented on the problem of folding reliability: “The number of fold times has directly eliminated each company, killing competitors.”

Among all, we know that folding time is the most dependable way to demonstrate dependability. At present, most folding screen phones on the market have a folding frequency of approximately 400000 times, and this OPPO Find N3 can achieve over 800000 folding times which is enough to prove that the machine’s quality assurance is more reliable than anyone else.

Besides screen display quality and reliability, safety performance, image shooting, and other features, the OPPO Find N3 will also offer some highlights. The machine is expected to have an independent security chip that has achieved the second level of national security certification, which is currently the highest commercial security level chip. Additionally, there is an internal code named “Island” security technology to ensure communication and data security in all areas.

In the final analysis, let’s examine the aspect of image shooting. While the official has not yet released specific image configuration details, the OPPO Find N3 has some advantages in terms of improved image clarity, detail carving between light and dark, and color expression in low light environments, whether compared to other mainstream large folding models on the market or the flagship iPhone. The image strength is clearly visible.

Multiple sources confirm that the OPPO Find N3 is a foldable screen phone with optimum materials. It has demonstrated strong performance in terms of screen display quality, reliability, safety performance, and imaging. If you are interested, please watch for more information on the new product launch on October 19th. The official release will include further surprising configurations and new technologies.

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