The cat faced girl has been on a blind date for 10 years if you are the one, and no one dares to hold hands. However, after removing her makeup, she amazed the audience

In contemporary times, particularly in China, parents are often preoccupied with finding suitable partners for their children who have reached the age of marriage, leading to the emergence of blind date programs like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

Since its debut on the blind date variety show, Sincerely Seeking has gained significant attention. However, many viewers still recall the memorable moment in 2015 when a girl dressed in an unusual outfit and wearing cat makeup – known as the ‘Cat Lady’.

She refused to reveal her true identity when the program team asked, which meant that no male guest left the stage with her. However, it didn’t last long: after discovering true love once more, “Lady Cat” was back in the audience, and this time, she revealed her authentic self.

Li Meixuan is the real deal. She joined the program in an unconventional manner, hoping to find a partner who doesn’t care about appearance. Unfortunately, her attempt ultimately failed. Although she garnered many curious looks, few male guests dared to approach her.

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