Japanese favorable opinion towards South Korea reaches an all-time high

According to a recent public opinion poll conducted in Japan and South Korea, there was an unexpected increase in positive sentiments towards the country. The survey resulted in responses from approximately 1,000 Japanese and Koreans aged 18 and above, which were released on October 12.

The survey found that Japanese respondents had the highest “good” opinion of South Korea among their peers, with 37.4% indicating their overall satisfaction with the country since the 2013 joint survey began. This was largely due to the Japanese participants’ strong affinity for South Korean pop culture, as well as their appreciation for food and shopping culture. Meanwhile, a slightly lower percentage of 28.9% of all South Africans indicated he had viewed Japan positively. When asked about their thoughts on Fumio Kishida, Japan’s new Prime Minister said this year after anembassy in Seoul.

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