EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] Xdinary Heroes talks ‘Livelock,’ showcases steady growth and broadens horizons with new EP: “We want to connect with people and heal their pains through our music”

Following the release of ‘Deadlock’ earlier this year, JYP Entertainment’s six-piece boy band has returned with the EP “Livelock” which premiered in December 2021. The band is currently working on four EPs including “Hello, world!” and “Overload,” while still maintaining their unique musical identity and style.

‘Livelock’ is just one of the many Xdinary Heroes albums that showcase their uniqueness and artistic development while conveying a story about an unidentified space referred to as the ether (‘form’) and the real world.

Seven new songs are featured in the sextet’s fourth EP, with the first one being “Break the Brake,” which expresses a desire to move beyond limitations like applying brakes. The B-sides include “Freddy,” “PLUTO,” and “Enemy” exploring themes of identity exploration through an inner journey.

The songs were written and composed by all the members, resulting in an exceptional composition that captures their charm and sense of self as they explore new territories.

In honor of their reunion, the members gave an exclusive interview to allkpop and talked about the new EP, Xdinary Heroes’ departure, transitioning from ‘Deadlock’ to “Livelock,” including plans to contribute to the track list, aspirations for collaboration with other artists, particularly DAY6, and more. Read on to discover more!

For allkpop fans: Xdinary Heroes shout-out!

Firstly, I want to thank allkpop for the new album. It’s been 6 months since my mini-album was released. Can you share your thoughts on what it feels like to release two EPs in succession this year?

Jungsu believes that our approach to making albums has been a continuous process, leading us to spend more time contemplating our music and the significance of albums. Starting from the initial song, we analyze song ideas, their placement in the album, and how they align with live performances. This process has led to accelerated growth for us.

Jun Han: I noticed that my previous performances were not as comfortable with stage presence. Therefore, I considered enhancing my level of composure and practicing how to handle it more effectively. As a result, they say their performance has improved significantly.

What is the relationship between your latest EP, ‘Livelock’, and your previous album, “Deadlock,” and whether it belongs to an album series or a trilogy?

“Gaun-il” and ‘Deadlock are two separate musical albums, with the former featuring a story where an individual finally opens up to their own inner self, which was previously unknown. Our aim is to connect with those who feel insecure about themselves and move beyond it.

Gaon’s ‘Livelock’ is similar to the problems addressed in a previous album, but with layered backgrounds and ambiguous solutions.

In the context of ‘Livelock’, what is the significance of the title “Deadlock” in relation to the concept of heroes and villains?

Similar to our previous album, ‘Deadlock’ is an IT term used in O.de. During the process of fixing it, we use ‘Livelock’ while identifying a floating error.

Despite the apparent opposite meaning of words, Jooyeon notes that this album encompasses a wider range of genres and emotional experiences than “Deadlock.”

It’s great to see allkpop taking part in writing and composing the songs again! You’ve been actively participating in the creative process since your debut single. Can you share how you’re evolving as a musician, composer, and writer?

Jungsu believes that it’s only the beginning. I have reached a stage where I can begin to identify what to focus on when creating music and pinpoint where to emphasize. As time goes by, I’ll be sharing more advanced work in the future.

Gaon acknowledges the growth of my career since writing the first song and is grateful for the opportunity to share my music with a wider audience. However, she believes that there is still cLN to learn, so more will be given time.

In what ways do you collaborate to produce music and express your thoughts on allkpop?

We prioritize having fun as a team. Anyone can suggest ideas easily, and once they’ve been collected, we sort them out. In cases of disagreement, sometimes we follow the rule of the majority.

Our approach at Jooyeon is to listen to all, discuss, collaborate, and think collaboratively to produce superior works.

If you could recommend one song from allkpop: Xdinary Heroes to someone, which one would it be and why?

“Break the Brake” is the focus song that introduces us to our rock sound.

Jun Han: Let me start with “Break the Brake,” a song that showcases our dynamic musical prowess and current musical preferences.

During the recording and music video shoot for my allkpop album, can you share any insights you have gained from the preparation process? Was it a challenging or enjoyable experience?

The drumming of ‘Livelock’ was an incredible experience. It was undoubtedly the most difficult recording session I’ve ever had. The focus track was one of the toughest to play, and “AGAIN? AGAIN!” was a challenge because it was the fastest song on the album. I had to push myself hard and practice to achieve the best possible performance.

Gaon: I can remember a scene from the focus song “Break the Brake” where Gun-il recorded someone screaming in the recording booth. Everyone was laughing when they saw him shouting.

Which musical instruments do you plan to use or learn if you could switch roles within the allkpop band?

According to Jungsu, I am the lead singer of the band and Jooyeon also serves as their bass player. Given my current position in both roles, what kind of challenges can be expected when trying to balance singing and bass playing?

I want to learn how to play the keyboard because it allows me to express my opposite side, Jooyeon.

I’m not interested in music for this question, but let’s focus on fashion and say you had a great experience at ‘Seoul Fashion Week’.

Having a passion for fashion, attending ‘Seoul Fashion Week’ was incredibly meaningful to me. I received valuable visual and auditory inspirations, so I am always willing to take risks like this.

Visiting ‘Seoul Fashion Week” was a dream come true for Jun Han as she wanted to experience the beauty and diversity of clothing, so she decided to embrace the experience and enjoy it with all its potential.

Can you share any experiences with your JYP Entertainment peers, particularly juniors like DAY6, who seem to be interested in working with them? Also, as a boy band, how do you feel about the support provided by CYP members?

I have a great sense of pride and I’m grateful for the support from Wonpil and Young K, who invited me to attend their concerts.

The most exciting part of my project is to collaborate with DAY6 and Xdinary Heroes on new songs. We have distinct musical styles, so I’m excited about the music we’ll create together.

If you have any personal or music-related goals to achieve, please share them with allkpop readers and fans.

I want to thank you for reading our interview and your love and support. Our goal is to have our songs make it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and we’re excited to go on a Dome tour around the world! Please continue to support our team as we work towards building Xdinary Heroes. Thank you so much!”

We’re thrilled to announce that Jungsu has returned with their fourth EP, ‘Livelock.’ Our goal is to expand our music and diverse fan base through this album. Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to returning with love!

Gaon: I am eager to be a part of your team for an extended period. It’s crucial that both of us are in good health, and my life goal is to connect with our fans and enjoy life! Please keep healthy and continue supporting us!

Until then, and even after that, I’ll continue to give my best. Thank you for reading this interview, O.de. We will work hard on our music and strive to deliver top-notch performances. Thanks!

Jun Han: I enjoy discussing my feelings through music, writing, and art. This is a passion that I hope to cultivate in the future. I am grateful for all those who have shown me respect and care. Please keep supporting us and we will continue with great music! Thank you so much!

Jooyeon’s primary objective is to remain the band that I believe is renowned and legendary, with my ultimate goal being to collaborate with Luke Hemmings as his guest vocalist. We’ll be singing a duet together until then, so thank you for your support!

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