Epik High reveals their new and “interesting” light stick design?

A celebration has been arranged with fans for the 20th anniversary of Epik High, a veteran hip-hop group.

Just a week ago, Epik High brought joy to fans with their “Barbie” 20th-anniversary concert poster, and now they are adding more humor through their new light stick design.

The K-pop idol community recognizes the significance of light sticks in concerts and has created specially designed lightsticks to represent their fandoms.

Epik High, who have been active for 20 years, has not yet released an official light stick. The issue has been a topic of discussion among the group and their supporters. Tablo, one of the three members, revealed in 2022 that he had imagined showcasing edgy hand-shaped lights to Epikk High.

During April of this year, Tablo disclosed that the design was never transformed into an actual light stick. He wrote on his social media account that Epik High had asked for a middle-of-the-road lightstick when they were at YG, but not yet. “That’s why we don’t have one,” he said.

About six months later, Tablo unveiled a brief video that provided an update on the group’s progress with their light stick designs.

Mithra Jin, the creator of the first prototype design for our lightstick, shared in the video that he would be editing it. He then opened the file and proceeded to scroll down to display the design that Tablo had been dreaming of for years.

The design features a Mickey Mouse-esque hand putting up the middle finger. Mithra Jin complimented the cuteness, while Tablo replied with reassurance, saying, “It’s not offensive.”

Mithra Jin enthusiastically explained the functions of the light stick and stated, “This object illuminates and transforms its hues during performances.”

Fans are already showing their enthusiasm for the new design by sharing it on social media.

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