Netizens in awe of unedited and close-up photos of BLACKPINK JISOO’s flawless complexion

Blackie, the designer of BLACKPINK’s JISOO collection, has recently been featured in a fashion week photoshoot that brings back the topic of her flawless style.

Unfiltered shots of Jisoo’s flawless looks are available at, and she exudes awe.

The image on will be a source of lasting memories for Jisoo.

The close-up photos showed her face without any blemishes or pores, and although the images were taken from all angles, Jisoo’s flawless complexion enhanced her natural glow. K-netizens were left speechless as they shared their thoughts on the Instiz website.

“I’m curious, what makes her skin so attractive?”

“Is this a true representation of the original? Her expression is stunning and everything appears flawless.”

She exudes a sweet expression as she smiles, causing Josoo’s cheeks to lift.

“Is it legitimately unblemished? How can she have such a flawless appearance?”

Her face is stunning, but her makeup is too much.

“Why is she so attractive? What makes her skin flawless?”

Jisoo’s eyebrows are something I admire.

Her shoulders are stunning, as she stated.

“I am unable to locate any bumps on her face.”

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