Netizens Disclose to Have Used Chen Muchi, Wu Chuyi, and CP! Wu Chuyi posted a late night article denying that we are roommates and good brothers

On the evening of the 13th, a group of netizens disclosed that they had utilized the CP of Chen Muchi and Wu Chuyi, and shared their intimate photos. They later cancelled their accounts, sparking heated discussions.

Following that, Wu Chuyi wrote that the images shared online were indeed from five or six years ago, and that he and Chen Muchi were good brothers like family. “Please don’t spread rumors… If anyone maliciously leaks their information, we will take action against them!” He then commented in the comment section.

Wu Chuyi’s entire response is as follows:

With respect to what Chen Muchi and I have already said:

The online posts consisting of pictures and texts that I uploaded to INS and P over five or six years ago, both of which are from P. Please take care when deleting them as they may have been posted by someone else. We live in Beijing and treat each other like family members. Don’t spread rumors! I cancelled my account 18 years prior but can no longer register using the new login details.

“Feng Shen” and “Yin Jiao” featuring Chen Muchi have become internet sensations, while Wu Chuyi has starred in movies such as “My Roommate is a Fox Fairy” from 2007 and 2010 and the third season of “Star Asia”.

Chen Muchi responded to online rumors that he had been married and divorced by 12 days with an article. The full text is available below:

The marriage ended peacefully without any children. She is not a skilled artist, so please don’t disturb her life. I also want to apologize for disturbing yours.

If someone continues to spread rumors about my personal privacy and use this platform to attack and insult her, I will take legal action against them.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their support and apologize for using public resources for personal reasons. Please see the following for more information.

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