Kim Yoo Jung & Song Kang stun in a beautiful wedding ceremony in the first teaser for new SBS drama ‘My Demon’

Fans of K-drama were thrilled when the trailer for ‘My Demon,’ a new drama that has been eagerly anticipated, was released on October 13.

Kim Yoo Jung will play Do Do Hee, a chaebol heiress, and Jung Goo Won will be the central character in SBS’s new fantasy-romance drama My Demon, which premieres at 10 PM KST on November 24.

The story takes an unexpected twist as Jung Goo Won loses his demonic abilities after being introduced to Do Do Hee. Though the sly heiress was seemingly taking his powers, she is now convinced that this ancient demon has stolen them and will propose to him in a fake marriage. As soon as the first trailer was released, fans and the internet were abuzz with the captivating scenes.

Through the lens of GIPHY,

Through the lens of GIPHY,

Through the lens of GIPHY,

According to K-netizens, the visuals of the two individuals are crazy, stunning, handsome, insane, and even if it wasn’t fun, they were simply beautiful.

Can you provide some examples?

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