“His live singing is crazy,” K-netizens are praising BTS’ Jungkook’s impeccable live performance on ‘Music Bank’

Jungkook from BTS resumed playing popular music shows to release his second solo single, “3D.”

“Seven,” the K-pop star’s debut solo single, marked a successful start to his career. His latest album, “3D,” debuted at number one on iTunes song charts in 100 countries right after its release.

Fans were thrilled to see Jungkook perform “3D” live on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ on October 13.

As anticipated, the K-pop icon did just that. With his captivating stage presence and skillful execution, Jungkook won over both fans and spectators.

Netizens lauded him for his exceptional singing skills, saying that it was an absolute delight to see him perform live.

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