Dara shares how she felt when she heard the crowd cheering during 2NE1’s surprise performance at Coachella

Dara’s feelings were evident when she met the 2NE1 members during their special Coachella performance last year.

On October 12, Dara made a special appearance on the 12th episode of Kim Jae Joong’s YouTube channel talk show ‘Jaefriends’ where she conversed with her long-time friend about various topics and talked about her days as an idol.

The discussion revolved around the atypical hairstyles she showcased while working with 2NE1, and Dara admitted to experiencing additional difficulties when she opted for “tall hair,” such as “pineapple hair.”

The lack of sunroofs in the cars caused her to crouch and suffer from neck pain, which could be worse if the hair was taller. She also mentioned that she often cried while being on Carnival vans due to the high number of people who didn’t have sun protection.

During Coachella, Dara was also warned by her boss, “Crouch down!” because her hair would give away the surprise. She had to hide behind an audience member’s back as a precautionary measure.

Dara revealed that she was recommended by CL to do her hair for the Coachella performance. Kim Jae Joong praised CL’s creative genius and commented, “Yeah, she’d tell you what works for you. It was definitely on point.”

Kim Jae Joong recollected the 2022 Coachella show and expressed, “I felt uneasy when the song started. You were standing alone.” Dara later disclosed that she had accidentally misplaced her footwear during the performance.

According to Jae Joong, the lack of promotion was a complete surprise. However, everyone was aware of who 2NE1 was and they could hear the crowd’s excitement. It was truly amazing.

2NE1’s performance at Coachella was a special moment for both her and the crowd, as they had not competed in seven years before. “It felt like we were on film together, especially since K-pop wasn’t popular when we went on our world tour,” she said.

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