After a while, Zhou Dongyu changed his personality, Wang Chuanjun became a savage, and Gao Xiaosong was too thin to recognize

The 7th Pingyao Film Festival just wrapped up, attracting a large number of movie stars. As the “Three Golden Actress”, Zhou Dongyu was not missing out, and it was no surprise that the always-shameful “Little Yellow Duck” had actually improved in appearance.

With a neckline in revealing black velvet, curled long hair, and online makeup, Zhou Dongyu no longer feels ashamed when children steal adult clothing. Her waist tattoo is also very noticeable, exuding maturity and full personality.

Zhou Dongyu’s red carpet appearance was watched by many people who commented that she has become more and more atmospheric now. She used to be a negative example on the streets, and her flat but curvy body was often ridiculed. Furthermore, she was considered the most ordinary person in the entertainment industry.

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