7 K-Drama Characters Viewers Want to See More Of

Throughout history, K-dramas have attracted audiences in various forms and genres, including suspenseful bed-and-mortality and irreverence scenes. However, there are many characters who have managed to leave an indelible imprint on the audience, leaving a lasting impression. Here’s highlighting seven of such characters.

Hong Du Shik is a gentle and kind person who has faced numerous challenges and understands the importance of living. He frequently makes mistakes and works to correct them, which sets him apart from other characters.

Female characters in Ban Ji Eum are often depicted as a desperate damsel and clueless, unlike male characters who need to be saved.

With her boldness and focus on her interests, Go Moon Young is a character that many would be eager to see again.

Kim Sam Soon, an older woman who doesn’t conform to the typical Korean beauty standards, is a character that every female can relate to. Her character felt more authentic than what most women would associate her with, which is why she is considered one of the best in-demand characters.

With his famous line “You know I have no chingu (friend),” Jo Yoo Jung brought great comedic value to the drama series. She has since become a standout performer in the show, making her another perfect choice for any role she may play.

With her performance, Woo Young Woof demonstrated that people with disabilities can still have a good time and be heard in the public eye. She is incredibly refreshing and I am eager to see more characters like her in future dramas.

Despite being green in the sense that he respected his girlfriend’s needs and allowed her to make their own decisions, Lee Joon Ho was a great partner who won’t be missed out on by K-dramas.

Which character from a drama would you like to see more of?

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