47-year-old Lin Xinru is too old to recognize, wearing a loose T-shirt to cover her belly. Netizen: She looks as plain as a mother!

The Chinese entertainment industry’s ups and downs are reflected in the characters from goddess to villain. Lin Xinru is an example of this, as it features her life story unfolding from student to public figure before reaching stardom.

During her childhood, Lin Xinru, who was born into an upper middle class family, has been a beloved figure in school settings and is often depicted as the “school flower”. However, she, like many other young girls, also has shown distaste for breaking school rules by wearing short dresses instead of full-dressing uniforms. She eventually managed to break into the modeling industry and become permanently detached from the acting world in 1993.

The entertainment industry’s first glimpse of Lin Xinru was her debut in the company, and her appearance and abilities were discovered. She performed alongside several famous performers on stage, including Takeshi Kaneshiro and Lin Zhiying, but her crape myrtle sculpture by Qiong Yao was what made her famous.

Just like many public figures, Lin Xinru’s private life is also highly regarded. From her romantic relationship with Lin Zhiying to her low-key romance with Tang Jili, every scandal has become a topic of public debate.

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