Xu Jiayin, Two Children and One Daughter: The eldest son escapes to Canada, the youngest son goes to prison, and the daughter shows off her wealth in a high-profile manner

The boss of Xu Jiayin, with two sons and one daughter, departs for foreign land while his former wife is already present in Canada.

Anning is the author of this article.

It’s possible that you have heard the name Xu Jiayin mentioned before, even though you may not have purchased a property from Evergrande. His story of going from having enviable status to being imprisoned is not just any sigh, but an expression of the unappealing side of humanity.

He was born in Sri Lanka, but not committed to it. He ignored the losses of other affiliated individuals and businesses, and tried to allow a considerable amount of wealth to be passed on to his family.

Secure over 2 billion yuan in trust for her son before the divorce, allowing her ex-wife Ding Yumei to effortlessly clear her debts and escape foreign visitors while maintaining her Canadian identity.

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