Travel Back In Time With These Male Artists’ AI Yearbook Photos

Despite not being new, social media has been inundated with nostalgia as people share photos of their “90s high school yearbooks” through the use of ‘EPIK,’ an AI-powered app created by SNOW.

This AI-powered photo editor from Korea has gained significant attention lately, enabling its users to create Yearbook photos that emulate the look of 1990s. Celebrities have experimented with the app and shared their AI images, entertaining their fans. Additionally, many people have adopted the trend of posting their own AI photographs on social media.

If I were a high school student in the 1990s, what would some of your favorite celebrities look like today?

Follow the links below to access AI-generated images of male celebrities from their fanbases and yearbooks.

Kim Wooseok (X-1): X1.

Fans believed that he looked absolutely adorable in these, even though it was made by a fan. They also expressed their desire for him to perform roles similar to this one.

ZEROBASEONE’s character, Ricky,

Fans of him will recognize that they’ve never laid eyes on him with darker hair, so this was a new image for them to see, but his face would be attractive in any form.


Jung Hoon Choi (@jannabijh) posted this.

If you could only have one crush on him, it’s highly probable that he would be willing to covertly observe his band rehearsal. He bears a striking resemblance to Ross from FRIENDS.

Jang Sung Kyu

(@jangsk83) contributed to this post.

How is rocker Sung Kyu so good? And how is he doing the nice-tutorial look on him?


– crush_shin (@) post.

Does Crush from the 1990s have a similar appearance to KARD’s Business Boy? I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t make sense of it.

Dynamic Duo

Gaeko from Dynamicduo (@gaekogeem) posted a message.

They are all perfect alike, whether they’re as baseball players or rockstars!

Yoo Jae Suk.

Did you see a post by ? (@hangout_with_yoo)?

It’s worth noting that racer-Jaesuk is actually quite attractive.

It falls and it pours all over the place.

RAIN (@rain_oppa) made a post.

What is the reason behind him appearing like a mischievous man who would frequently play games with you, while also being exceptional in his studies? Those are the most extrinsic types.

pH – 1

pH-1 (@ph1boyyy) posted a message.

The fans claimed that Harry (pH-1) has changed his name to HARROLD.

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