SBS drama ‘The Escape of the Seven’ replaces its director for season 2

The media outlet reported on October 13 KST that Joo Dong Min, the lead director of ‘The Escape of the Seven’, has left the SBS drama studio where season 2 is being filmed.

Kim Soon Ok developed ‘The Escape of the Seven’ as a two-season project from the start, with the first season scheduled to finish airing in November. The cast and crew began filming for season 2, but without its main director Joo Dong Min. Instead, co-producer Oh Joon Hyuk has replaced Jook Dongian as the leading director of season 2.

In the past, the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) was alerted to several complaints from viewers regarding the highly provocative content of ‘The Escape of the Seven’, such as the violent deaths of characters in each episode, excessive use of illegal drugs, and an unsupervised childbirth taking place inside a high school.

The story of seven malevolent characters, including Hwang Jung Eum, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Yoo Bi, and Lee Joong, is based on the tragic loss of a young girl. Season 2 of “The Escape of the Seven” will premiere in March of 2024.

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