Revamp Your Makeup Routine with these 6 Korean Beauty Trends

The Korean beauty trends are always evolving and innovative. From subtle “popsicle lips” to bold bling, these makeup styles are constantly in vogue. Here’s six of the best Korean makeup trends that you should check out.

Despite the widespread popularity of Korean cosmetics in shades ranging from pink to red, caramel blush is one of the most popular and nude-colored makeup trends in recent times.

Popsicle lips were the prevailing trend in K-beauty for many years, but with their increasingly plumper, juicier appearance has come to be recognized, and Romand’s Glasting Lip Balm is a sold-out product that highlights this trend.

The trend of clumpy lashes in Korea is not the same as other popular trends. Instead, it’s a far cry from the messy and unappealing look that Twiggy from back in the day created by her obsession with makeup, uses tweezer to pinch the tops of the lashline and leaves them feeling natural.

It’s common to see a shift from the classic, “straight” brow trend to more feathery and natural-looking ones.

These girls were not only a force to be reckoned with as powerhouses, but they also made waves in the beauty industry. They created the no/minimal-makeup look “NewJeans makeup,” which is both youthful and innocent.

The emphasis on Velvet Skin was evident from the start, as there were few Korean cushion foundations that didn’t have a glowing effect. However, now you can find varying options in different velvet and matte foundation brands at road shops like Olive Young and Missha.

What do you think will be the next makeup trend in K-beauty? I see a lot of makeup trends coming out of various cultures.

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