Kill Lu Qi: A Good Drama for Audiences to Expect

I get to play Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese warrior from Sichuan, in the TV series “Moving West”. It’s an honor for me to be back in my hometown and have lost weight.

After a year of challenging filming, the crew of “Moving West” successfully killed itself on October 12th in Tianquan County, Ya’an City.

The TV drama “Moving West” featured a real-life version of Lu Qi, portrayed by Deng Xiaoping in over 60 films and television dramas. Du Enhu interviewed the actor, who was dressed in military attire with imposing looks that evoke memories of his heroic behavior during the 1950s scene.

Following the triumph of Deng Xiaoping in the turning point of history, local film and television companies in Sichuan have created another blockbuster TV drama called “Moving West,” which has been held in high regard by all.

The “Youth Killing” ceremony, which took place on the site during the TV drama “Moving West” and “Killing the Youth” had a simple yet powerful artistic atmosphere. Li Xiaojun, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Sichuan Radio and Television Bureau was among the 200 or so leaders, investors, and cast members from more than 20 cities and prefectures that were involved in the event.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television is preparing to release 100 key TV dramas in the third batch in 2021, which are also part of a major cultural support project in Sichuan Province. The main line includes the Kangxi Tibet Highway and the Qinghai Tibetan Highway, and it depicts the historical events of the People’s Liberation Army entering Xizang from Situciah and carrying out democratic reform. It provides recollection of this historic period and showcases liberating rumors.

The TV drama “Moving West” is a creation that draws inspiration from Zhang Xiaokang’s documentary novel “Snow Field Long Song”. It is written by famous screenwriters such as “Deng xianyan in the Turning Point of History” and “Huangtu Gaotian”, including Zhang Qiang. The cast is robust, featuring three actors (aged 0–64), including adults and children.

Li Xiaojun, who is the Secretary of the Party Group and Director of China’s Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, gave a speech. He highlighted the difficulties that the crew of “Moving West” has faced due to the epidemic, earthquakes, and high temperatures, which have garnered the attention of governments at all levels. The series “Women in Wonderland” is crucial in promoting the spirit of both “Two Roads” and inheriting the red gene for its production and broadcast.

During his speech, Director Zhan Chenglin expressed appreciation to leaders at all levels, governments, investors, and creative teams for their valuable contributions to the continued development of Going West.

The crew arranged for individuals to journey to the Tianquan Tibetan Culture Park filming site and met with the cast members at the Mingshan film production site.

Ke Jiming, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Sichuan Xinhua Publishing and Distribution Group; and Gao Chengsheng, one of China’s most famous producers were among the leaders who attended the “Youth Fair” event.

Du Enhu, a reporter and senior media person, provided the photo.

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