Kep1er’s Xiaoting says BLACKPINK was the main source of her inspiration to become an idol

BLACKPINK is acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in K-pop history and has also been a source of inspiration for up-and-coming talent, such as Xiaoting from Kep1er.

During a recent show with Kep1er, Xiaoting shared her story of becoming an idol. She revealed that she was initially skeptical about the idea of entering the K-pop industry after attending PINK’s concert and felt like she had found her calling on the platform.

Following the BLACKPINK concert, Xiaoting from Kep1er shares her desire to become an idol.

After attending the concert of BLACKPINK, Xiaoting from Kep1er dreamed of becoming an idol.

Xiaoting do Kep1er é um momento que no sextare perde a volta para esse outro partido de Blin alrededor.

Xiaoting (KEP1ER) has mentioned that he is not interested in being an idol, but rather reconsiders his idea of performing at the #BLACKPINK concert. To find out more about this event, visit

Xiaoting’s admiration for BLACKPINK is evident as she has consistently showcased her fan base, often referred to as “Blink” loyalty, by sharing dance covers of their hits like “Lovesick Girls,” “Pretty Savage,” and “Ice Cream.”

A cover of BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ featuring dancers has been released.

‘Pretty savage’ by BLACKPINK is the title of the Xiaoting dance cover.

Pianist trying to outrun a pink vampire challenge! ( )

‘Ice Cream’ by BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez features the dance cover, which includes #shenxiaoting and #GirlsPlanet999.

LISA’s Lilifilm Dance Performance (Mushroom Chocolate) was the subject of her XIAOTING, and she is now open to doing a cover.

Lilifilm was dropped by Lisa a year ago, and it gained media attention. My brand’s image can be found on my profile page:

Xiaoting to FLOWER during a fancall.

XIAOTING, the person who wrote the article, stated that she is listening to TYPA GIRL’s BLACKPINK on Twitter at and clicking on LIKE.

It’s refreshing to witness the admiration of Xiaoting towards BLACKPINK and the openness of other idols in public.

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