Huang Jiayi, who has completely retreated, has never been a foolish and sweet person

People often describe Huang Jiayi as a fool who has not been swallowed up by Wei Ming’s big gray wolf. However, upon closer inspection, Huang is actually more intelligent and sweet than ever and seems to be completely foolish.

Wei Ming’s mother claimed that Huang Jiayi was pursuing her son backwards in the proactive attack before marriage. While there was some truth to this, it was not true for both of them.

When Wei Ming was aware of her married life and children, she realized that she loved her family’s wife deeply. She took the initiative and said that it was not unfair for her to rush and pursue backwards.

I took advantage of my work and posted a group photo of them on ‘My Moments’. After working the night shift, Wei Ming prepared shirts for him and tied his tie personally. His conduct was very professional and unpretentious. Even she was willing to go out and ask for help with Weifang’s business at her own expense.

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