Fu Yiwei’s only son passed away at the age of 30, shocking the entertainment industry. Chinese drama classmates revealed the cause of death!

The entertainment world is in a state of shock as Gao Lenan, the only son of Hollywood star Fu Yiwei, has died at the young age of just 30. This news has caused controversy and increased public discussion about the cause of his passing.

Gao Lenan, the only son of Fu Yiwei and his ex-wife GaOyue, was raised by his mother since childhood. Despite the couple still living together after their divorce, Fu Yew considered Leah Yu and her son’s parents as “beautiful people” who had planned to work together in the entertainment industry.

The actor Gao Lenan has embodied his prime time in the entertainment industry, and his presence in that position alongside his mother is even more remarkable. His passion for drama and acting skills led him to gain admission to the Central Academy of Drama, creating a solid professional path for himself.

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