Dara reveals why SM and YG artists weren’t able to be close back in her day

On October 12, Dara made a special appearance on the 12th episode of Kim Jae Joong’s YouTube channel talk show ‘Jaefriends.’ She shared that she and Jon were introduced to each other in the movie, but their friendship was not established until they met.

“We’re YG and SM!’ were some of the territorial names we heard, as stated by Kim Jae Joong. There are many fascinating stories that cannot be found on YouTube.”

In her recollection, Dara mentioned that she has close connections with many SM artists at present, but they were always competing for the number one spot. She also noted that during their time together, they didn’t hold any animosity towards each other because Girls’ Generation would always be their adversary.

They also expressed envy over the strengths and weaknesses of their respective entertainment agencies. Kim Jaejoong said, “We always wanted to do music like YG.” He continued, adding: “It’s not just my opinion, but our desire as a group… We both envied SM too”

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