Love superstition and fortune telling? Mysterious fortune teller around Xu Jiayin: Disdainful of Xu being stingy and only giving him 50000 yuan

Xu Jiayin, who has a strong interest in fortune telling, and his downfall – Introduction.

Anning is the author of this article.

The owners of Evergrande’s abandoned commercial buildings, which numbering 1.62 million, are the most ruthless in the Xu Family Seal Pit.

He made a fool out of his fellow Henan residents, particularly those who were not very kind.

In Henan Province’s Xinxiang, a community with 1800 acres and the name “Yuhu Tianxia” (there are many neighborhoods with similar names in the country, but their reputation has been destroyed) has recently constructed an impressive gate and had already sold 2000 homes.

What is the location of the house? There is no shadow, only that wasteland.

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