Huo Siyan became famous after taking off his clothes. In his early years, his works were completely nude, but now he relies on his son to whiten them?

Despite the entertainment industry’s glamour and temptation, it is also filled with public opinion.

Huo Siyan’s innate appearance allowed her to become famous on the big screen. Just like many other female actors, she was only noticeable in a short commercial when she first came out.

Nonetheless, she was given more chances and eventually decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Upon meeting the famous director Liu Heng, Huo Siyan’s career seemed to have found a new outlet. As he was still young, she was offered the opportunity to act as juggling girl in “The Happy Life of Poor Talking Zhang Damin”.

Life is not always as it seems.’ This film did not, however, bring her the expected success but later “Iron Teeth and Copper Teething Ji Xiaolan” won her fans’ hearts.

With the passage of time, Huo Siyan’s encounter with more characters led to his eventual fame.

She was once again recognized by the audience for her contributions to the “Joyful Seven Fairies”.

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