Lawyers S of all sizes responded that Ge Siqi claimed that Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei’s remarks had low credibility

Size s and Gustav

On the 18th, according to Taiwan United Daily, the case of S and S suing Ge Siqi for infringement of reputation rights is currently in court. Ge Siqi requested Huang Zijiao to be summoned as a witness. He said that “there must be a reason for something” and clarified that S and S have never been accused of using drugs, and I believe the court will still be innocent. In this regard, the lawyer appointed by S believes that there is no need for a subpoena, and claims that Ge Siqi only cited third-party statements and news, without further investigation based on his own responsibilities, which does not constitute a reasonable investigation. He also believes that the credibility of Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei, and Huang Zijiao’s statements is extremely low. It is reported that the case is scheduled to reopen at 4pm on October 30th. (Editor in Chief: Xiaoke)

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