Kwanghee and Jung Hae In’s latest interaction on Instagram shows the beginning of a new friendship

Kwanghee and Jung Hae In’s latest interaction on Instagram showed the beginning of a new friendship.

On the September 16th episode of the YouTube series ‘Pinggyego’, Kwanghee and Siwan were featured as guests. Shortly after the video was posted, Kwanghee was seen leaving a comment on Jung Hae In’s Instagram apologizing for calling his name without a title when he didn’t know him in person.

Kwanghee wrote, “Hello, Mr. Jung Hae In. This is Siwan’s friend Kwanghee. It’s nice to meet you! I’m writing to apologize because I said Siwan went on a trip with “Jung Hae In” in the 9/16 ‘Pinggyego’ episode when I’d never met you before. It bothered me as I continued calling you “Jung Hae In” throughout the video without a title. Hope you have a good day ~!”

Jung Hae In then replied to his comment saying, “Hello! No worries, I’ve heard a lot about you from Siwan~ We should all hang out some time together with Siwan!!” 
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 Check out the ‘Pinggyeogo’ episode here if you missed it. 

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