Xdinary Heroes set to make a comeback in October

On September 12 KST, it was announced that XDinary Heroes will make a comeback with a new single that is set to release this October, stirring anticipation among their fans. The band has reportedly already completed recording the single and shooting the corresponding music video. Presently, they are putting the final touches on their comeback preparations.Earlier this year in April, XDinary Heroes distinguished themselves from their contemporaries with their unique flair and style, as reflected in their 3rd mini album ‘Deadlock’. They successfully engaged with their growing fanbase in July during their first official fan meeting. Following this event, the band took a hiatus from releasing new music for approximately 6 months, which only served to heighten the anticipation for their impending comeback. The upcoming new single marks a significant milestone in their career, reaffirming their creative vigor and delighting their waiting fans.

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