Netizens debate: Are we witnessing the dawn of 5th generation?

Is the 5th Generation of K-pop idols already upon us?

In a recent online discussion, netizens debated the era marking the 5th generation of K-pop idols, a wave that seems to be rising rapidly. The previous generation, the 4th-gen idols, gained considerable attention online, and already, talk about the emerging 5th generation appears to be creating a similar buzz.

According to a post, the lid has been lifted on the new generation. The posterĀ spotlighted three boy groups as heralds of this new epoch:


* Debut date: May 30, 2023
* Company: HYBE (KOZ)
* Debut song: “One and Only”


* Debut date: July 10, 2023
* Company: CJ (WakeOne)
* Debut song: “In Bloom”


* Debut date: September 4, 2023
* Company: SM
* Debut song: “Get A Guitar”

However, this delineation of eras hasn’t been received without a few raised eyebrows. The generational division has been a topic of contention even during the 4th-gen era. Prominent 4th-gen boy groups such as Stray Kids, ATEEZ, The Boyz, ENHYPEN, TREASURE, CRAVITY, WEi, P1HARMONY, DRIPPIN, and TXT were frequently under the spotlight.
While a section of the K-pop fandom concurs that a new generation has indeed dawned, there are several others who argue that these rookie groups are still entrenched in the 4th-gen group.

Comments include:

“IĀ don’t understand why people are so stubbornly refusing to believe that a new generation has begun””Those who are being stubborn about not accepting 5th-gen are the same as those who are arguing that 5th-gen is real lol””Y’all say this now but soon enough these people will all be referred to as 5th-gen haha, that was the case for 4th-gen as well””I feel like the 5th gen came faster than 4th gen…””Who cares about these generations?! I’ve been a fan for many years anyway””There are still so many 3rd gen idols that are active and making good money tho lol””I think that the reason they are opting for the 5th gen label is that it would be too competitive to enter the 4th gen now…it’s all media play”
“I’m not sure if they are 5th gen yet…””I think that they are 5th gen. They give met that new and different youthful vibe””Lol I just feel old. Yoon Sang’s son isĀ an idol? Are you kidding me. I’m so oldddddd”
“Time fliessssss””Wow…..they are SO young”
“They look like 4.5″”In six months it will be the start of 6th gen lol””Y’allllll it is still 4th gen”

What are your thoughts?

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