JTBC releases official poster for ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’

JTBC’s upcoming drama ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ gears up for an epic battle against drug-related crimes, starring prominent figures Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Jong Un, and Kim Hae Sook. 

The series is set to air for the first time on October 7 KST, stirring excitement among fans with the release of the main poster on September 12. There, the plot hints at an intense war pitting three formidable mothers and daughters against comparatively ‘weak’ villains. The forthcoming production amps up expectations as it oscillates between comedy and catharsis, stirring a buzz of excitement and curiosity about the unique dynamics this new drama will unfold. ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ spins an engaging story about a third-generation mother and daughter duo blessed with extraordinary strength who are thrust into the spotlight as they unravel a new drug crime taking place around Gangnam. Drawing from the success of its predecessor ‘Strong Girl Bongsoon,’ the latest installment of the ‘Strong Woman’ series explores an expanded universe and introduces new powerful ‘K-female hero dramas.’ The much-anticipated production has been generating buzz since its pre-production stage.

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