Famed guitarist Kim Se Hwang revealed to be COO of ATTRAKT USA

Famed Korean guitarist Kim Se Hwang, primarily known for his work with bands such as Next and Novasonic, has been revealed as the ‘hidden worker’ investigating American activities of ATTRAKT, which manages the popular girl group FIFTY FIFTY. He has held the role of COO for ATTRAKT USA since April of last year, handling business operations.In cooperation with ATTRAKT’s CEO Jeon Hong Jun, Kim has held discussion sessions with several leading American companies, including Warner Music’s U.S. headquarters. The objective was to make concrete plans for FIFTY FIFTY’s planned operations in the United States.Kim explained the responsibilities of his role as COO, emphasizing on the emphasis placed on collaboration, promotional activities, and consulting with local US companies. In addition to Warner Music, he and CEO Jeon have initiated several discussions regarding future collaborations and projects for FIFTY FIFTY with other globally recognized companies.Kim expressed sorrow over the circumstances surrounding FIFTY FIFTY, revealing the former CEO’s struggles with securing suitable accommodation for the band during their U.S. activities, due to high property costs.Kim also mentioned the growing influence of K-pop in the American music scene, citing BLACKPINK’s recent performance in LA as an example where the audience was largely comprised of non-Korean fans. He is optimistic about the future of FIFTY FIFTY and aims to support CEO Jeon in turning their vision for the band into reality.

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