Director Yoo Jae Seon unveils special posters for ‘Sleep’ as thanks after a phenomenal opening week

The movie ‘Sleep’, which has dominated the top of the box office chart for six straight days after its phenomenal first week of release, has unveiled five special posters. These posters are delicately crafted by none other than the film’s director, Yoo Jae Seon. Referencing the incredible backing it received from a captivated audience, he expressed his gratitude through these artistic tokens.
‘Sleep’ is a story about a happily newlywed couple, Hyeon Soo (played by Lee Sun Gyun) and Su Jin (played by Jung Yu Mi), who are haunted by nightmares, including husband Hyun Soo’s strange behavior while sleeping, and the secret of a terrible fear that begins the moment they fall asleep. The audience is led through a chilling journey which begins every time they close their eyes to sleep, unveiling a horrifying fear that lurks in the dark. This movie showcases a struggling couple’s desperate effort to solve this terrifying issue, providing an emotional roller coaster for the viewers. Recognized as the top genre film of the year, ‘Sleep’, in its unrivaled box office run this September, is a testament to the potential of high-quality South Korean cinema. It is no doubt that this film is leaving a significant mark in the industry.

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