BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) shows his gentlemanly behavior by taking Jeon So Min’s penalty despite winning 1st place on ‘Running Man’

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, is receiving praises for his recent TV appearance.
On, September 10,Taehyungmade his highly-anticipated guest appearance on SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man.” 

K-media reported that Taehyung’s appearance led to an increase in viewership for the show. The episode ranked 1st among entertainment shows in its time slot, recording a target index of ‘2049 viewership rating’ of 2.3% (Nielsen Korea metropolitan area, based on households), and the highest viewership rating per minute soared to 5.3%.

Taehyung showed up in a fancy outfit and walked the red carpet to enthusiastic applause from the “Running Man” cast. He revealed that, in line with the episode’s theme, the production crew had specifically asked him to dress like a wealthy man.


Everyone was amazed by his real-life visuals, as he had been selected as the world’s most handsome man. They admired the perfect golden ratio of his face and praised how handsome he looked in person.

In response to the compliments, he confessed that he had been a big fan of “Running Man” for a long time, adding that he always watches the program while eating.

He showcased his sense of humor and seamlessly integrated into the Running Man atmosphere. He even ranked the Running Man members in order of who resembled him the most based on their side profiles.


In spite of their best attempts, the Running Man cast couldn’t matching Taehyung’s exceptional skills during the various games on the show. 

His strong competitive spirit has been apparent since his early days on RUN BTS, where he consistently faced off against his equally competitive teammates in a bid to emerge victorious in a range of challenges.


When the ‘losers’ of the game were about to receive their penalty, Taehyung surprised everyone by offering to take Jeon So Min’s place, using the excuse that he wanted to experience the penalty himself.


Fans were touched by Taehyung’s gentlemanly behavior and his offer to accept her penalty in her place, despite winning the game and being exempted from the penalty.


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